Debt collection

Baat Debt Collection Services recognizes the importance of the relationship between the client and his or her debtor. We work with you towards finding a solution and successfully collecting the debt without recourse to the courts. Baat understands the essence of a partnership and never loses sight of the client’s relationship with the debtor concerned.
As debt collection specialist, we have specific recovery information which enables us to help you determine the right strategy for every collection.

Why use Baat?

Why is Baat Debt Collection the ideal partner for debt collection?

  • Your client relationship with the debtor is our number one priority;
  • We implement a no-nonsense debt collection process consisting of several letters, several phone calls, and advice on a possible follow-up process;
  • We are a debt collection specialist that handles your cases, answers your questions, and provides assistance in the event of proceedings;
  • We offer low start-up costs and a complete service.

Got a debtor who simply doesn’t pay?