Belgium Office

In international practice, there has always been an important role for the various facets of living in Belgium and working or doing business in or from Belgium. For this reason, Baat set up its own office in Belgium many years ago.

Our services

From our office in Maasmechelen, close to the Dutch border, the managing partners Jan Vanbriel and Marc Pelssers and their team of 15 professionals provide all the necessary financial and fiscal services. They work closely alongside their Dutch colleagues, and this means we can be of optimal service to you.

Whether you wish to expand the working area of your company from Belgium to the Netherlands or vice versa, Baat Maasmechelen would be happy to help you!

The staff at Baat Maasmechelen also have a broad business network of bankers, civil-law notaries, lawyers, social secretariats, and related service providers. Use their network to your advantage; they would be happy to assist.

Doing business in Belgium? Contact our Belgian colleagues!