Nowadays, tax legislation is extremely extensive, complicated, and subject to change. For that reason, rather than being generalists, our tax professionals are specialists within their own area of expertise. Where necessary, your account manager will call on the expertise of other colleagues so that you can be assured of receiving the very best advice for your company and for you as an individual.

Tax services

We will be happy to help and support you, for example, in setting up your company, expanding it – even beyond the Netherlands – and, in the long term, with its transfer. We advise you on the appropriate company structure, taking into consideration all tax resources and the various regulations, in combination with your requirements.

In cross-border situations, in which you are required to declare tax in two countries, we will consult with the local consultant to ensure that the data from both countries is available in time and tie in seamlessly with one another.

An income tax return is not just an initial offering to the tax authorities but a carefully compiled report by which we stand. Needless to say, this is also known to the tax authorities. If there are any elements that are debatable, then we will discuss this with the tax inspector beforehand with your consent in order to obtain the required level of assurance.

Baat has entered into a horizontal monitoring agreement with the Dutch tax authorities. The purpose of the horizontal monitoring agreement is to improve efficiency and prevent duplication of work, reducing business costs and providing greater certainty for the taxpayer. Isn’t this what we all want? By entering into a horizontal monitoring agreement, the Dutch tax authorities will assume that your tax return is correct. This means that you will receive fewer questions and checks from them.