Accountancy & Payroll services

Your financial position is one of the criteria that you use to manage your business operations and make decisions. With our professional expertise and industry-specific knowledge, we can provide a detailed and sound financial report that banks, tax authorities, and shareholders also expect from you.


Baat provides an accurate and up-to-date insight into your figures. After all, preparing annual accounts and processing financial data is our day-to-day job.

As part of this process, we monitor your financial records and advise you on improvements that could be made to quality, efficiency, and returns, as well as draw your attention to your company’s performance in comparison with your direct competitors.

How is my company doing financially at the moment?

Payroll services

Our payroll consultants are up-to-date on the most recent legislation and regulations. All you need to do is supply us with the information that is needed for your payroll administration and we will process it accurately and in time. Together with the lawyers from Baat Legal, our payroll consultants can also advise you on wage cost benefits, fringe benefits, dismissal procedures, occupational disability, and so on.

Each period, we will send you a digital version of the information you need to pay your staff wages and update your accounting records. Each period, our payroll service will send you the payroll tax form specifying all the relevant payment details and we will submit this tax form electronically to the tax authorities on your behalf.

Want to process your wages quickly and cheaply?

Baat Online: view your financial and payroll records online and update them at your convenience!