Do you perform activities abroad, hire employees from abroad, or do you work as an expat? If so, you will have to deal with complicated international legislation and regulations. Do you know which tax rules you need to comply with? Our consultants will be happy to explain it all to you. They will clearly explain and advise on the tax consequences so that you can focus on your activities with confidence.

Daily issues

  • Cross-border employment: In which country is your employees’ pay taxable? What is their social security position? And what are the consequences for their pensions? In addition, you may need to deal with issues such as a salary split or the 30% ruling.
  • Income tax from an international perspective: Living in the Netherlands and working abroad. Or living abroad and working in the Netherlands. Which tax obligations are you required to fulfil?
  • Company tax: In which countries must your business pay company tax, how can you avoid double taxation, and how can you optimize the situation?
  • (R)Emigration, remigration, and immigration: which aspects should you take into consideration when you or your company move from the Netherlands to another country or from another country to – or back to – the Netherlands?
  • Transfer pricing: The pricing of international transactions within a multinational company is becoming increasingly complex. It is therefore important to understand what is involved in transfer pricing and what the consequences are for your business.

Baat helps you do business internationally!


Our offices

Close to home, our colleagues at the Baat Maasmechelen office will be able to help you with all matters relating to Belgium. You will be able to gain a lot of clear information from a meeting at which both a Dutch and a Belgian consultant are present. The close cooperation between these two consultants to provide you with the best advice from both sides of the border is another of Baat’s distinctive characteristics!

For a long time now, our China office has been advising and supporting Asian companies wanting to set up business in the Benelux. In addition, we will gladly help you achieve your business ambitions in Asia via our networks.

If you wish to do business in Germany, our German office will help with coordination and assistance.


Brochure ‘Doing business in the Netherlands’: with helpful information for the Netherlands and Dutch entities.