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Over the years, the professionals of our China Office have helped many Chinese and Taiwanese companies to cope with many challenges. We have extensive expertise in rendering tax, audit, accounting and other related services. Our approach is direct, clear and to the point, and for good reason we have made the ‘solving issues’ slogan part of our corporate identity! After assessing the services you need, both the regular and the one off advisory services, we propose an all inclusive budget to you. A small team will assist you and keep in direct contact with you.

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Chinese companies planning to set up a European basis often choose the Netherlands for this purpose for a number of good reasons, such as:

  • a very stable political and economical climate;
  • many logistic hotspots to choose from, such as Rotterdam (sea port) or Venlo/ Born (barge and rail terminals, ware housing);
  • very profitable VAT regulations on import;
  • the Netherlands have tax treaties with almost all modern countries, China of course being one of them;
  • a multi lingual society to choose your employees from;
  • a friendly climate towards foreign companies, existing of a broad range of subsidies and investment facilities, both national and local.

Once the choice has been made to set up a business in the Netherlands, a Chinese company awaits many challenges, such as:

  • choosing and setting up the right legal structure;
  • setting up and getting acquainted with the accounting framework and its alignment to international reporting standards;
  • getting working permits for staff and employees;
  • lack of knowledge of Dutch tax law and its optimizing possibilities.

As the language barrier may well be an issue, we have professionals that can communicate in Mandarin, both verbal and in writing.

Doing business in the Netherlands?



  • 非常稳定的政治与经济环境;
  • 多个受欢迎的运输选择,例如鹿特丹 (鹿特丹港),芬洛/博恩 (铁路总站,仓库存入;
  • 经济有效的进口增值税条例;
  • 荷兰和多数现代国家有着税收协定,中国包括在内;
  • 让您在一个多从语言的社会中,挑选员工;
  • 对外国公司有着友善的环境,现有的各种补贴和投资设施,本地和外地兼有。


  • 选择和设置合适的法律结构;
  • 设立和了解会计和财务报表,以及达到国际汇报与报告准则;
  • 替工作人员和员工申请以及办理工作准证;


Baat 将如何协助您的公司?


我们的做法和态度是直接,清楚达成重点。“Solving Issues” 已经成为我们企业形象口号的一部分。在了解您和您的商业需求及选择后,无论是定期固定或一次性咨询服务,我们会尽可能地根据您的预算,满足您的要求。