solving issues.

Result-driven, dynamic, and uniting.

These are the three core values that inspire Baat each day to offer solutions that create added value for entrepreneurs. Our mission is therefore solving issues! Making the most of potential opportunities. For and together with our clients.

Pro-active, entrepreneurial, committed, and energetic. Baat creates synergy by establishing connections on a personal, social, and business level.


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Accountancy & payroll services





Baat accountants & consultants: a Limburg-based office

Maastricht  |  Sittard  |  Roermond  |  Maasmechelen

We are proud to be a Limburg-based company. More than 100 employees dedicate themselves each day to helping entrepreneurs in Limburg. With offices in Maastricht, Sittard, Roermond, and Maasmechelen (Belgium), we are never far away from our clients. Today’s Baat firm was formed in 2000 after the merger of two offices: Bollen Bemelmans & De Wever Belastingadviseurs and Ermans Van Gennep & Partners.

International entrepreneurship

As the national borders in the Euregio are always a mere stone’s throw away, Baat’s consultants naturally possess a wealth of expertise on international issues. After all, our services are not limited by geographical boundaries. We will gladly help you fulfil your international ambitions, making use of our membership of the GGI netwerk – a global network of independent consultants – where needed.

Baat Ontmoet.

Baat Ontmoet is a platform for connections. Generating business empowerment with and for our clients. Our clients are entrepreneurs who all share the same goal: to achieve results.
By bringing our clients into contact with one another, we can offer a networking platform, a meeting place for entrepreneurs. Baat Ontmoet.

Baat Ontmoet is a distinctive feature of the company with a clear identity.