Personal Finance

Our specialists focus on financial planning for entrepreneurs, directors/major shareholders, and private individuals. We can also assist with estate planning. In addition, Baat Personal Finance advises on a wide range of pension issues. We work together with you to determine which direction you should take for a healthy financial situation, now and in the future.

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Financial planning involves analyzing your current and future financial situation. Your financial and earnings position are assessed and structured with a view to the future and your personal requirements.

A logical follow-up to financial planning is estate planning. Your estate is processed as favourably as possible for you and your family, covering all relevant aspects of matrimonial property law, gift and inheritance tax, and, if relevant, a facilitated transfer of an undertaking.

Pension advice requires consultants to have an increasing level of expertise on the subject, whether you want advice on a pension liability in your company, arranging insured products, or a pension scheme for your employees.

Have your old-age pension provision checked?

A good financial plan starts with an inventory of your current and future situations.